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We only buy established businesses with good reputations, financials and a sound management team in place. If you are looking to sell your business we would love to speak to you about your business, so why not book a Discovery Call . On the call we discover more about your business and see if there is an alignment and potentially move forwards to a sale in a fair and transparent system.

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm only focused on getting the highest sale price - why should I consider your offer over one that maximises my profits?

We understand the desire to maximise your financial gain. However, we are NOT a broker or agent who will set unrealistic expectations in order to get a listing or broker a non starter deal. We actually buy businesses and only buy the best established businesses that fit our ethos.

We look for businesses that offer good long term value and will collaborate with you to achieve a fair price and deal structure that suits both parties whilst prioritising a smooth transition.


How can I trust that you will retain my key staff and company culture long term?

We take time to understand what makes your business special and we only look to buy companies with a solid and happy 2nd tier management structure.

Our focus is to maintaining those key members who want to continue the dedicated work they have put in for you to date. Your legacy is in good hands with us.


Why should I sell my business to you rather than private equity or a large corporation?

Our goal is providing as much continuity for your business, employees and customers during the transition whilst giving you a fair price.

Unlike large corporations who want to change everything and consolidate operations or private equity firms who have an aggressive 3-5 year plan, we work with you to ensure the business continues to profit to ensure any deferred payments agreed are met as part of the sale.


What assurance do I have that you won't just resell the company to the highest bidder?

Our acquisitions are strategic and long-term.

We aim to continue your traditions, not flip the company for a quick profit, We look to continue to invest in the staff, assets and build a strong financial future for the business we buy. You can count on us to be good owners of the business

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We are proud to help business owners achieve the liquidity event for their business whilst still maintain the culture, values and profits they worked hard to built.

If you have an established business and thinking of selling it then why not book a discovery call today.

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