Selling Your Business Is More Than Just Numbers...

You've worked hard on your business and built it into something you are proud of and now you're looking to sell it... But you're concerned about the legacy, reputation and the team that you have built after the sale.

We are not brokers or sales agents, we are here to buy your business and ensure it's in a safe pair of hands for the future.

Protect Your Legacy... Not Just Your Profits

You want to protect your life's work. When the time comes to sell your business, the decision is not just about profits. It's also about ensuring your business continues to reflect your values, supports employees like family, maintains its reputation, and continues serve the industry and the client base.

The business you built is personal to you. You want to pass the torch to a new owner who will care for it the way you have - like it's their own.

Your goal is to find a buyer who sees the intrinsic value in your people and culture, not just an asset to be milked. With the right buyer, you can retain your legacy while also receiving a fair price. Your business will remain in good hands.

Sell Your Company... Not It's Values...

" I'm Mark Vurnum, founder of Grangewood Partners. After spending over 20 years building my own companies, I understand first-hand the personal connection that business owners have to their life's work.

I know that when it comes time to sell your company, it's not just about the money - it's also about protecting your legacy and ensuring your people are taken care of.

That's why I started Greenwood Partners. My goal is to provide a transparent, fair acquisition process for owners who want to realise the financial gains from selling, while also preserving the business values, culture and reputation they worked so hard to build.

I believe that successful companies are defined by their dedicated employees and commitment to the clients.

At Greenwood Partners, we take the time to truly understand the essence of each business we look to buy.

We look for businesses who align with our vision, so that the transition is smooth and the business remains in good hands. My personal commitment is to structure deals that meet both the financial and cultural objectives of the selling owner."

Mark Vurnum - Founder - Grangewood Partners

Our Mission

At Grangewood Partners we focus on THREE key areas to ensure the established businesses we buy focus on the both people in the business and its profits for the future...

People And Profits

We enable business owners to transition their life's work through an acquisition that aligns with their financial needs and cultural goals.

We know it's not all about the money and you care as much about reputation, the hard working team (including management structure) to ensure the business continues to deliver the same standards you set once you have sold it.

Transparent & Fair Process

Our mission is to provide a transparent, fair process for sellers seeking liquidity while protecting their legacy.

We discuss the with you how to make a realistic deal work.

We are not brokers or agents and we will be actually buying the company, so we know it's worth and will not give you inflated offers that can't be met when making the sale.

Retain The Success Elements

We believe strong companies are defined by dedicated employees and commitment to continuing standards.

Our acquisitions look retain those key elements and ensure that they are part of the deal.

It will enable you to gain the liquidity event you want whilst still looking towards to a positive future of the business you spent time building even after you have sold it.

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm only focused on getting the highest sale price - why should I consider your offer over one that maximises my profits?

We understand the desire to maximise your financial gain. However, we are NOT a broker or agent who will set unrealistic expectations in order to get a listing or broker a non starter deal. We actually buy businesses and only buy the best established businesses that fit our ethos.

We look for businesses that offer good long term value and will collaborate with you to achieve a fair price and deal structure that suits both parties whilst prioritising a smooth transition.


How can I trust that you will retain my key staff and company culture long term?

We take time to understand what makes your business special and we only look to buy companies with a solid and happy 2nd tier management structure.

Our focus is to maintaining those key members who want to continue the dedicated work they have put in for you to date. Your legacy is in good hands with us.


Why should I sell my business to you rather than private equity or a large corporation?

Our goal is providing as much continuity for your business, employees and customers during the transition whilst giving you a fair price.

Unlike large corporations who want to change everything and consolidate operations or private equity firms who have an aggressive 3-5 year plan, we work with you to ensure the business continues to profit to ensure any deferred payments agreed are met as part of the sale.


What assurance do I have that you won't just resell the company to the highest bidder?

Our acquisitions are strategic and long-term.

We aim to continue your traditions, not flip the company for a quick profit, We look to continue to invest in the staff, assets and build a strong financial future for the business we buy. You can count on us to be good owners of the business

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If you're an established business owner thinking about your long-term exit strategy we specialise in acquisitions that allow you to realise the financial gains while also protecting your legacy. We take the time to truly understand your business, including its values, reputation and. employees.

We offer transparent processes, fair valuations and integrity when engaging with sellers.

If you're looking to transition your successful business to new owners who will honor what you've built, let's talk. We'll help you leave your company in good hands and ensure your legacy lives on.

The first step is scheduling an discovery call with Mark on how we can assist with your transition.

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We are proud to help business owners achieve the liquidity event for their business whilst still maintain the culture, values and profits they worked hard to built.

If you have an established business and thinking of selling it then why not book a discovery call today.

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